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Emozioni forti in Cilento e Lucania.

Can’t you live without nature, breathtaking landscapes and outdoor activities? Surely the variety of available options today is wide, but few of them combine strong emotions, enchanting scenarios and sports activities at the same time. Although a car trip is needed to comfortably reach the interior of Cilento and Basilicata, such a day will never forget you. On the banks of the River Tanagro, there is a beautiful initiative that offers many activities related to the sport, the nature and the relationship of man with it. Campobase.org organizes rafting, paintball, canyoning, hydrospeed, speleoraft and tree climbing activities. If you want to enjoy a landscape from an unprecedented point of view and with a good dose of adrenaline, your choice can only be the Angel Flight between Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa; Two lines, each of about 1500 meters in length, allow you to overlook the valley separating the two towns. You just have to start the adventure.


Travel time: 60 minutes by car.

Tips: visit also the Pertosa caves.

Flight of the Angel:

Travel time: 120 minutes by car.

Tips: Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa are two hidden treasures.

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